The Mojo Story

January 6, 2017By tyhammesNews No Comments

A lot of people have asked Ty  and I why we chose to open a taqueria in Lyons and how Mojo came to be. Here is the story… When we moved to Lyons in 2015, Ty was already working on recipes and a menu for a taqueria, but at that time we didn’t know where. … Read More

Mezcal vs Tequila

November 16, 2016By tyhammesNews No Comments

What’s the  difference between  tequila  and  mezcal,  you ask?  Here’s a good summary

Rancho Gordo Beans

November 16, 2016By tyhammesNews No Comments

Our black and charro beans are made with Rancho Gordo  heirloom beans from Mexico. The beans are fresher than commodity beans, and the  flavor and texture are better than what  we found elsewhere. Here’s an interview  with Stave Sando, the founder of Ranch Gordo…/interview-steve-sando-rancho-go…/  

We are now open!!!

November 13, 2016By tyhammesNews No Comments

We opened on Thursday and  the response has been amazing.  Thanks to everyone tat has come  in and  supported Mojo Taqueria on our first weekend! Come in for quality tacos, ceviche, carne asada, and more,  as well as mezcal and tequila drinks!